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       Department of a leaf design, development and production in one ofthe professional production wooden doors, furniture, cabinets and other decorative products supporting large modern enterprise, under the building decoration Co., Ltd. Zhejiang classic. In recent years, has won the "Chinese famous brand", "China's top ten famous interior door selling brand,", "national consumer satisfaction assured  brand", "China 30 door market confidence building materials ", "Chinese green product" and other honors title.
       Leaf product quality as enterprise life passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and combined with the company based on mareket demand and decisive set up the actual product development department.in cooperation with the head office's top talent to participate in product research and development. companies adhere to marker demand, product innovation as a means of customer satisfaction as the goal. since the formation of successively introduced from europe ,taiwan and other places of the world's most advanced production equipment and technonlgy, with modren woodworking machinery over 20(taiwan) sets an annual production capacity up to more than 50000(set's). the company has more than 300 specialty varieyies, eight series. parquet big lines which set off a series of products have been maerketed boom, was hailed as the archetype of the peer model.
       Companies continue to introduce various outstanding professional and technical personnel, optimize the sound management and operational mechanism, strive to enhance the modern corporate image, in the production, supply, sell one-stop service in every aspect of trying to be perfect, and dedication to our customers at home and abroad providing high quality, personalized products and serives, and actively promotr the deveiopment of modern interior decoration culture!
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    Address: Industrial Park, Wucheng District,
    Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, province
    Tel: 0579-82208300
    Fax: 0579-86468635
    E-Mail: 2585549018@qq.com
    URL: www.zstvw.com

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