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      Yiye jiaju is in one of the gold area of consumers and partners trust brand belonging to Zhejiang classic architectural decoration Co., Ltd., the development of enterprises are enterprises through frontal trace and recovery of the past, looking to the future, a leaf has been in continuous take up the challenge of growth.
      In 2009, a Wuyi Wood Industry Co. Ltd. was established
      The establishment of a wood, officially opened the era of wood products company. Mainly engaged in wooden door design innovation, production, sales. And in a short time in Zhejiang region quickly establish their own marketing network, has its own franchise stores.
      Wooden doors to concentrate on writing, not only won the consumer trust, lay the foundation for a leaf in the foundation of the development of quality of wood furniture industry development.
      In 2013, a Jinhua Home Furnishing Co. Ltd. was established
      The company for many years of market experience and the context of the industry to grasp, aware of the supply of a single product from the wood to the entire custom home development, is an inevitable trend. - a whole wood custom came into being. The company site also moved from Wuyi to Jinhua.
      Leaf home positioning high-end, fashion design, products cover doors, cabinets, wardrobe, wine cabinets, bookcases, coat, parapet walls panels, fireplace, 100 pages of custom wood products. According to the consumer's personalized demand for the production of different styles, different styles of wooden household products, but also the consumers decoration wooden household products perfect collocation are together, for customers to provide "one-stop" solutions.

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    Address: Industrial Park, Wucheng District,
    Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, province
    Tel: 0579-82208300
    Fax: 0579-86468635
    E-Mail: 2585549018@qq.com
    URL: www.zstvw.com

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